The Fans in the Stands

The Fans in the Stands

So we went to The Cape Town Sevens again this weekend. As always an amazing experience. Although the Blitzboks lost in the final it was still amazing to be out and enjoy the World Class Experience that Cape Town can offer.

In general I am a quite positive person and rarely complain, But I do think that The Sevens Event needs to rethink their pricing. in 5 years pricing Jumped from R150 to R450. The food prices were extremely expensive. R50 for Slap Chips seems a bit steep. Also we had 2 vendors from the same company at different times offer us the same product (Doritos) at R10 and R15… And I thought Bitcoin were volatile…

Next year my Son will be 6. Suddenly a day out like this can get VERY expensive. If we want to keep the stadium full and provide the full experience then Cape Town Stadium officials needs to keep prices in check.

Otherwise we might have killed the golden goose.

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