3.The Sole mandate Experience

Having been involved in Marketing and branding for more than 15 years I understand very well the relationship between relationships and technology in 2020.

Specialising in exquisite visuals and Digital marketing I have taken the Keller Williams Model and leveraging it with my Network and relationships found the perfect model to market your home to a tailor made program.

My 18-Step Marketing Plan is designed for maximum exposure of your home in the shortest period of time.

Although is it 18 steps not all 18 will be applicable. Every House, Neighborhood and buyer is different so we analyze, implement, test,  Review, Change as we go along.

Old School

Since the beginning of the creation our society has been built on relationships. Even in this everchanging tech world this will never change.

New School

The Internet and Smartphone Revolutionized how we as humans connect on a scale never before seen in history. In my Opinion it probably the most significant invention marketing invention ever. This is where we need to be in our marketing efforts

13. Databasis

Target active buyers and investors in my database who are looking for homes in your price range and area. My current email databasis is on 1850 People.

All these people are either friends, family, Industry friends, Old Clients or potential clients that contacted me. I have personally met 90% of them. The rest happened on email or phone.

I use email as my main source of communication. Not Spamming people content will be targeted according to their needs.

Personal Email Database