My Big Why?

EDIT: Please note that this video was recorded in February 2020. (Pre Covid-19)
Looking back now on the HUGE effect this pandemic will have on the wedding and event industry I am very grateful for the process I started in 2019

Properties in Graanendal

Why property?

I received a lot of questions about why the move, why specifically "property" and then I thought I would make this video just to explain things a little better.

The short answer...

Five years ago I knew that I would do full-time photography for five years only – before that I worked full-time for fifteen years, and I did photography only over weekends. I always knew it was just going to be a temporary thing, and as soon as our youngest child was out of the diapers, a move would be on the cards. And now we are there.

About two years ago, Iza and I started talking about when I was going to make the move and also what I was actually going to do. And in that time, the real estate industry crossed my path. At that point, I helped some businesses with digital marketing and consulting specifically.

In the process, I realised that the skills I have, specifically digital marketing and of course all the visual skills, entrepreneurship, networking (old clients, old acquaintances, old friends) – all these things together is a great fit specifically for the real estate industry. And of course, the other thing is, the real estate industry gives me a lot more flexibility on time-management to still be able to do photography, as I do at present.

I think for me the challenge at this point is – I’m already with them full-time, the photography is full-steam ahead, and then of course I’m busy studying too, and the family and the kids – so that’s quite a few balls I have to keep in the air! But it’s wonderfully exciting, and I think one is a tiny bit reluctantly optimistic.

Of course, I am scared too, making a move at 42 is daunting – to put it mildly, but I’m in it for about six months now and so far so good.
I love it, and I look forward to the next six months and the next six years really. I think the two (photography and property) are going to work together very well.
And there are many skills that I can transfer from one to the other.
So yes, exciting times!