Step 1 :

Show me the Money!

The first question that sellers always ask, is:
Or in other terms:
What is my home worth?
What will I get If I want to sell my home?

I think this is the best question to ask as it goes hand in hand with “why would you want to sell?”

A competitive price is not based on what sellers hope for:

  • Price is not what sellers need or want from the sale
  • Price is not what sellers paid originally or what the house down the street sold for
  • Price is not what a website or another agent suggests

Selling Price is determined by the market

“The price is what willing and informed buyers will actually offer and competing sellers are accepting, and it’s based on the current market; those properties that have recently sold.

This locally-set market price will influence whether buyers even see your home in their online search, whether they schedule an in-person showing, and what price they will ultimately offer.”


My job is to work through all the DATA points and reports below and advise a Listing price.
In the End it is the Seller's decision of what the final listing price will be.

1. Understanding Market Conditions

The first thing we need to look at when starting the process is to have a look at the current market. This will have an impact on pricing as well as speed of sale.

We call this a total market overview. It is a snapshot of our residential real estate market.

Part of my job is to look at four market data sets.

a) RSA vS International

B) Western Cape

C) Suburb or Estate

D) Price bracket

What is the difference

2. Getting Specific about your home

So now that we know what the condition of the markets are we have to find out exactly where your house will be in relation to other properties in your area.

I won’t find the exact home but I look at things like:

- Number of bedrooms
- Number of bathrooms
- Number of garages
- Erf size
- Building size
- Extras (flatlet, pool, solar panels, etc)

- Location
- Age of home
- Style
- How long on the market?
- Average selling price
- % between List price and Sell price (e.g.: 4%)


Using various platforms like the deeds office, CMA, Lightstone, Property24, PrivateProperty and local agent knowledge we should be able to provide a range of values in line with your time-frame.

3. Setting the Listing Price

Now that we have done the comparative market analysis (CMA), you have to decide on a listing price.
You will have your motivation for selling your home.
It could be that you are upgrading, downsizing, emigrating .
You will have an idea of what time-frame you are looking at.
That will directly influence the list price.

As mentioned earlier we know that currently properties in Cape Town sits 4 months and 1 day on the market (that is even higher for 3M properties).

What's your time-frame? (2 months, 6 months, 1 year, unsure?)
Once we know your time-frame we can set the listing price accordingly.

4. Costs to you

It is important to be aware of the costs that will be deducted from your final selling price. Below is a list of costs and who are responsible for what.



ESI attorneys has been so kind to create a detailed explanation of all the costs involved. Click on the image to download.

Now that we are priced right let's look at Condition (Staging)