About me

Most of my previous clients will know me through the world of photography

I started my photography business in 2004 and have been doing weddings, lifestyle and corporate work for 15 years.
I have amassed a huge network of industry professionals as well as previous clients.

When I started doing Photography Full time in 2014 I always knew that it would only be for 3-5 years. The idea was to be flexible with my time when the kids were still in nappies.

Why The Change?

In 2016 I started focusing a lot more on corporate and business photography and working with video as medium. Once clients received the photos and videos they started asking me advice on exactly how and where they should use these digital assets to their advantage. Through lots of education, courses, seminars, YouTube tutorials and testing myself I slowly started figuring out the key to selling and marketing through digital platforms. A new world opened up when I started understanding Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing.

In 2018 I started helping more and more companies with their Digital and content marketing plans. During this process my paths crossed with some amazing people in the Real Estate space. I quickly realized that I had all the storytelling tools, digital marketing knowledge, huge client base and a love for all people. 

Why Real Estate?

Having been in the “servicing and relationship” industry forever I understand the value in network and long term relationships. My whole life this is been the reason why my clients kept using me. 

Property was a no-brainer. Having owned and sold a few properties myself, understanding and seeing the wealth-building this brought I knew that this would be a perfect fit! Not only would I be able to provide for my family BUT I also can help people really help build a future for their kids! 


What will happen to my Photography Business?

There will be no big changes. I have employed a full time editor/office manager in 2018 already which gradually took over a lot of the day-to-day duties. This leaves me free to focus on shooting only projects that I am really passionate about.

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Why Keller Williams?

I researched a lot of companies. I wanted to find a place where I had to the freedom to apply my marketing skills. Then I came across Keller Williams. This was a company that had the same values as me and they embraced technology! I knew I was home!

I absolutely believe there business model to be the future of real estate and will transform the property industry over the next few years.  

To see why I think so please click here.

Let’s get personal!

I am married to the amazing amazing amazing (yes I said it three times!) Iza Cloete. Not only is she my best friend, the most beautiful girl in the world, but she is the most incredible mother to our two busy boys, Wilhelm and Jan.



I am super passionate about people, my country, Durbanville, travel, my awesome family (my Cloete heritage), the Springboks and litchis… and chocolate.

Personal CV

I have been in living in Durbanville since 2004
We got married in 2009
We became parents in 2014
We’ve been living in Oakwood, Pinehurst since 2014

Professional CV

1995 – Matric (Framesby – Port Elizabeth)
1996 – Diensjaar vir Christus (Service Year for Christ)
1997 – 2000 – Full-time student: Higher National Diploma in International Trade (PE)
2001 – 2003 – Working holiday in London (as most Saffas did at the time)
2004 – Moved to Cape Town (started working for an American Fruit Importing and Export Company) (Stellenbosch)
2014 – Started doing photography fulltime (part-time since 2004)
2019 – Started with Keller Williams

Chapter 3

So that is my story. In my Matric year one of our teachers at the time said that our generation (Generation X) would have 3/4 Different careers in our lifetime. How true were his words!

I am EXTREMELY excited about this Journey I am on. Hopefully you can join me for a little part!


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